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Motorola Case Studies

Motorola is the leading manufacturer of two way radio and wireless communications equipment in the world. Please read the case studies below to find out how Motorola two way radio products have helped clients around the country.

West Tennessee Healthcare - MOTOTRBO Case Study

West Tennessee Healthcare (WTH) needed a two-way solution that would ensure exceptionally clear and efficient communications to all parts of the property. They had an aging analog system in place, and they wanted to be sure that in the days to come, they'd be well positioned to migrate the whole system seamlessly to digital.

"One of the main concerns I had was for the safety of my officers, and this system has emergency signaling that lets me know which officer is down so everyone can respond to it."

Read the West Tennessee Healthcare, Case Study

Motorola Battery Reliability

On the manufacturing line or the fire line, at a crash site or a construction site, you rely on a two-way radio that operates continuously – that won't stop when it's dropped, won't break when it's shaken, or won't fail when it's shocked by static electricity. Whether you're in public radio batteries that can't handle the rigors of the real world aren't

We understand that uninterrupted communications are business-essential and mission-critical. There is no margin for error and no room for malfunction. And we know that other leading radio battery brands don't deliver what we do. Highly reliable, highperforming batteries that are proven tough. Time after time. Test after test.

Read this Motorola Two Way Radio Battery Proven Tough Case Study

Schools Increase Campus Security, Improve Staff Efficiency with Motorola Two-Way Radios

Educational institutions from K-12 to higher education are looking for ways to meet a range of student needs with ever dwindling funding. Parents want to know they are sending their students to a safe and secure learning environment. Teachers, coaches, bus drivers and security personnel want to more effectively oversee assemblies, sporting events and other school activities while maintenance staffs want to more efficiently manage day to day activities. And administrators want to ensure a rapid, coordinated response to any situation using technology that is within their budgets.

Read this Schools Increase Campus Security Case Study

Sumter EMC Expands Coverage with MOTOTRBO
and Wide Area Network

Sumter EMC's new MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect radio network, combined with a wide area point-to-point solution, has provided full communications coverage throughout its 2,200-square-mile territory.

Read this Motorola MOTOTRBO Wide Area Network Study

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