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Radiophone is a Motorola Service Station, or MSS, Motorola’s highest level of factory-authorized repair and maintenance certification. Fixed Quick, Fixed Once, Fixed Right.

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Radiophone has an unsurpassed reputation for providing the finest communications installation services in southern Missouri. A traveling team of installation professionals can be dispatched to any destination where services are required.

Installation Experience

Maintenance Agreements

Radiophone Engineering has launched a new website dedicated to offering an ongoing maintenance program for Motorola two-way radio equipment that is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Maintenance Agreements

FCC Licensing

Licensing, while not an everyday concern, is something every two-way radio operator should understand. It’s not necessary to be an expert on the subject, but it’s important to be aware of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements and the licensing cycle.

FCC Licensing

Rental Solutions

In today’s fast paced environment, short term two-way communication needs vary greatly and every situation is unique. One solution is to rent two-way radios. Introducing Radiophone Radio Rental, designed to be fast, flexible, and affordable.

Radiophone Radio Rentals

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